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Ohope Update May 2015

Who would have thought it was the beginning of winter already. It’s another beautiful day in Ohope today, I took these photos this morning - Orca whales playing in the surf.

Orca Ohope May 2015

Orca Ohope May 2015

The morning fishing has also been very productive, with neighbours and friends enjoying the latest catch.

David Fishing May 2015

On the real estate front, the year to date has been busy – especially the last couple of months. 
With the way the market is heading, I am expecting another busy winter. Here are a few of our recent sales; 
4 Bluett Road
5 Eruini Street
3 Goodwin Parade
8 Goodwin Parade
98 Harbour Road
223a Harbour Road
3/232 Ocean Road
236 Ocean Road
244 Ocean Road
305a Pohutukawa Avenue
9/232 Pohutukawa Avenue (Horizon Apartment) 
40/5 West End (Beachpoint Apartment) 
2 Waterford Avenue

As always if you would like to know any further details on these sales in comparison to your place, please don’t hesitate to give me a call.

Seascape Open Day 2015

The start of the year saw the completion and issue of the titles at Seascape, Port Ohope. A number of owners are currently in the process of drafting plans for their new homes, building is due to start within a matter of weeks. If you would like to be part of this new beachfront subdivision, you haven’t missed out, there are re-sale opportunities available – further details can be found here
There are also a handful of sections available in the Waterways, this is a popular subdivision adjoining the harbour. 
49 Waterways Drive 

All of my current listings can be found on my Harcourts website
My door is always open, call in for a chat or to pick up the latest list of properties for sale at Ohope -148 Ocean Road.

28th Sept - Daylight Saving announces Summer

Yes the change to daylight saving hours is always welcomed in this house as it extends our playtime and allows us to show properties after five in their best light of day heading towards sunset. 

In our last newsletter we talked about the lack of stock available in the market place and thus the lack of choice for the many buyers we have.  Our database in good form responded to this and we attracted some great listings that are now sold.  Confidence in our market is coming back stronger everyday but that said it 's going to be a very different summer for Ohope with so little property for sale - this is not just an Ohope trend, agents in other coastal areas and our neighbour -Tauranga are saying the same.  Hence despite the sales volume over the past few weeks being extraordinary this is not sustainable simply due to a lack of supply.  Off course this is what we needed to improve prices once again.

Needless to say, we would really love to hear from you if you're thinking about selling your beach property.  Our office has a spring promotion for every 3 unconditional sales the office will draw a lucky seller to win $1000 worth of groceries - that's great odds.  Our Harcourts team are the market leaders not just in Ohope, but also Whakatane, whilst the powerful Harcourts brand offers us technology systems and referral benefits 2nd to none. 

Todays business card is our webpage - we keep this current and relevant to Ohope property buyers and sellers.  What buyers and sellers want from us has changed dramatically in recent years, but the basics remain the same - honesty, local knowledge and experience - pretty much the rest they can research themselves and they do.  More than ever our job requires us to be a jack of all trades so to speak.  Negotiating an acceptable price is only step one these days, as building reports and LIMs are considered more seriously not only by purchasers but bankers and insurance companies.  Davids contracting background gives him confidence and understanding to work alongside these building and land specialists mediating any matters that arise. 

And on a final note - Bali.  We've just come back from our other paradise in this world, we've been going to Bali each winter for 15 years, we obviously love it there.  If you are planning a trip in that direction please drop us a line before you book, we can suggest some neat places to stay and visit along with tips and tricks to explore Bali as flying into south Bali and staying in the hub of Kuta/Legian/Seminyak is not going to give you the full flavour of this beautiful island. 

Enjoy your extended daylight hour tonight.

David and Kim

3rd July 2014 - Dune Ride

Just opened on our doorstep is the Motu Dune Trail.  We've just done this fantastic ride with the kids and highly recommend you add it to your 'fun to do list' (suitable to all ages and fitness levels).  Hugging the sand dunes the trail starts a the Pakowhai ki Otutaopuku Bridge (Memorial Park Reserve) in Opotiki and meanders 11 km along the coast to Jackson Rd where is connects to the Motu Road Trail (Intermediate level).  Thereafter stop for lunch at  Two Fish Café  in Opotiki, a favourite eatery in the township centre.    Click here to view the weblink for Motu Trails   

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Our Endless Summer

Twas truly paradise down on the beach this morning and hardly a soul around.  Typically this time of year can be quite magnificent as the sea is calmer, and the colours in the sky seem more enhanced especially at sunrise and sunset.  Its been a busy week for us in the real estate game as the market continues to show signs of confidence.  Beach buyers have little choice right now hence with less competition this is a great time to have your property showcased for sale. If you are thinking about selling anytime soon we'd be keen to come and give you an appraisal of what your property could be worth TODAY. Without question Ohope is standing proud as the people's choice to live and invest. Our sunshine records and best beach awards are being talked about far and wide – we are seeing buyers attracted to our area by these reviews. Notable also is the increasing number of buyers being referred to us from Harcourts offices in Auckland and Christchurch.

If you’d like to beSOLD you’re coming to the right team. With 35 sales year-to-date in Ohope, together with the Harcourts team we have sold 20 of these properties. That’s not including the 24 section sales at the new Seascape Subdivision as these don’t have titles yet.

Never forget if we can help in any way - selling, wondering or just requiring market information we are only a confidential phone call away.

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Did you know Whakatane averages more than 7.5 hours of sunshine a day, whilst it’s been the national “Sunshine Capital” for three of the last four years?

Our market in Ohope is all about fun in the sun, and this summer was no exception to treating our loyal holiday makers with endless sunshine to play on our beach.  Without question sections have been the flavour of the season with an exciting new project on the landscape here  Seascape Estate  its been so popular we have sold all of the 20 non-beachfront lots priced at $199,000 and 4 of the beachfront lots priced at $379,000.  Just 6 premium Beachfront sites remain - so contact us if you'd like your name on one of these.  

Excluding sales at Seascape - January saw 5 properties sell at Ohope, 6 properties sold in February, 8 properties sold in March.  By comparison that's 9 less than the same period last year but if we include the Seascape sales it was a record summer.  

Accretion - unquestionably our beach and dunes have significantly changed their form in recent months with the current weather pattern and sea currents dumping lots of sand up on our shores.  Of course sand movement is always a hot topic of debate in coastal regions such as ours, but  David having lived here his entire life has seen the beach levels come and go many times.  We own 3 properties along the ocean front, David taking great pride in maintaining a user friendly beach access in front of where we live for himself and all those with dinghy's to launch along the beach. 

As of 1st April 2014 we have a new business owner - Glenn Austin.  Glenn also owns the Rotorua office. 


Recent Sales


April 2018
6 Rangitukehu St
April 2018
22 Ocean Rd
April 2018
8 Rangitukehu Street
March 2018
226 Pohutukawa Ave

March 2018 - 390 Harbour Road

February 2018 - 226 Pohutukawa Avenue

February 2018 - 330 Ocean Road

February 2018 - 38 Ohiwa Parade

February 2018 - 10 Te Taiawatea Drive

January 2018 - 173 Harbour Road

December 2017 - 1 Shark Bay Close

December 2017 - 78 Ocean Road

October 2017 - 135A Harbour Road

November 2017 - 84A Ocean Road

November 2017 - 5 Harry Court

November 2017 - 84A Ocean Rd





August 2017 - 286B Ocean Rd

July 2017 - 3A Foxglove Estate

June 2017 - 155 Harbour Rd

May 2017 - 305 Pohutukawa Ave

May 2017 - 162A Pohutukawa Ave

April 2017 - 232K Pohutukawa Ave

March 2017 - 18 Harbour Rd

March 2017 - 27 Waterford Ave

Dec 2016 - 270A Ocean Rd

Dec 2016 - 2 Motuhora Rise

Dec 2016 - 106 Pohutukawa Ave

Dec 2016 - 308 Ocean Rd

Dec 2016 - 30/32 Wainui Rd

Nov 2016 - 257 Harbour Rd

Nov 2016 - 49 Waterways Drive

Nov 2016 - 190 Pohutukawa Ave

October 2016 - 140A Ocean Rd

October 2016 - 308A Ocean Rd

Sept 2016 - 5 Goodwin Pde

Sept 2016 - 43 Waterways Dr

August 2016 - 45 Waterways Dr

August 2016 - 108 Ocean Road

July 2016 - 22A West End

May 2016 - 390 Ocean Road

May 2016 - 348A Ocean Road

May 2016 - 382 Ocean Road

May 2016 - 286A Ocean Road

May 2016 - 94B Ocean Road

May 2016 - 71 West End

April 2016 - 26B Kohi Point Rd

April 2016 - 110 Otarawairere Rd

April 2016 - 53 Harbour Road

May 2016 - 1 Tirotiro Rise, Whakatane

March 2016 - Apt 43/5 West End

March 2016 - 20A Hoterini Street

March 2016 - 388 Ocean Road, Ohope

Feb 2016 - 280A Ocean Road, Ohope

Feb 2016 - 247B Harbour Road, Ohope

Dec 2015 - Apt E/232 Pohutukawa Ave, Ohope

Dec 2015 - 247C Harbour Road, Ohope

Dec 2015 - 2/42 Ocean Road, Ohope

Dec 2015 - 72 Ocean Road, Ohope

Nov 2015 - 8 William Place, Ohope

Nov 2015 - 38 Ohiwa Parade, Ohope

Oct 2015 - 116a Ocean Road, Ohope

Oct 2015 - 11 West End, Ohope

Sept 2015 - 394 Ocean Road, Ohope

Sept 2015 - 190 Ocean Road, Ohope

Aug 2015 - 380 Ocean Road, Ohope

Aug 2015 - 26 Te Taiawatea Drive, Ohope

Aug 2015 - 20a Ocean Road, Ohope

Aug 2015 - 282 Ocean Road, Ohope

July 2015 - 146 Pohutukawa Ave, Ohope

June 2015 - 8 Turnbull Place, Ohope

June 2015 - 226a Pohutukawa Ave, Ohope

June 2015 - Apt 39/5 West End, Ohope

May 2015 - 5 Waterford Avenue, Ohope

April 2015 - 7 Shark Bay Close, Ohope

April 2015 - 3 Goodwin Parade, Ohope

April 2015 - 236 Ocean Road, Ohope

April 2015 - 3/232 Ocean Road, Ohope

April 2015 - 4 Bluett Road, Ohope

April 2015 - 32A Pohutukawa Ave, Ohope

March 2015 - 305A Pohutukawa Ave, Ohope

March 2015 - 5 Eruini Street, Ohope

Feb 2015 - 137 Pohutukawa Ave, Ohope

Feb 2015 - 244 Ocean Road, Ohope

Feb 2015 - Apt 9 Horizon, 
232 Pohutukawa Ave, Ohope

Feb 2015 - Apt 40 Beachpoint, 
5 West End, Ohope

Feb 2015 - 8 Goodwin Parade, Ohope

Feb 2015 - 2 Waterford Ave, Ohope

Dec 2014 - 110 Ocean Rd, Ohope

Dec 2014 - 259 Harbour Rd, Ohope

Nov 2014 - Apt 10, Beachpoint, 5 West End, Ohope

Oct 2014 - 8 Te Taiawatea Dr, Ohope

Oct 2014 - 181 Harbour Rd, Ohope

Oct 2014 - 26a Kohi Point Rd, Ohope

Sept 2014 - 271 Pohutukawa Ave, Ohope


Aug 2014 - 67 White Horse Dr, Whakatane


Aug 2014 - 2B Mair St, Ohope


Aug 2014 - 342 Ocean Rd, Ohope