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DAVID Marshall is a $300 million man.
The Harcourts Whakatane real estate agent has become the second person in the Bay of Plenty, and he only one in the Eastern Bay, to sell more than $300 million worth of property for the company.
Mr Marshall started out in farming and then did a bit of contracting before he became a real estate agent in 1992.  He said he was persuaded to join the real estate industry by Sue Overington, after she sold his house.  At the time, Mr Marshall had recently hurt his back and was unable to continue the physical work he had previously undertaken and was looking for a different career.
And [as] it turned out, real estate was a good fit for Mr Marshall. 
For the past 24 years his specialty has been selling Ohope property.  He said growing up in Ohope - initially in the house on Harbour Road that his mother still owns - meant he was passionate about New Zealand's most loved beach, so talking to people about buying in the area just came naturally.
"I love selling my beach, I am very proud of my beach."
And over those years that passion has helped Mr Marshall to consistently rank as one of the top 20 best-performing real estate agents in the country.
"And that was when Mike Pero and others were all competing too."
His best result was number four nationally.
"For a town like this to be ranked number four that is just phenomenal."
Mr Marshall said the key to his success was his good networks and never under-estimating the power of repeat business.  He said even if people did not intend selling again, he made their experience an enjoyable one so they would be sure to recommend him to  their friends and family.  Mr Marshall was meant to attend a ceremony in Tauranga on October 25 to receive his gold pin, with a diamond inset, to mark the achievement, but true to form he was too busy working to make it.
Harcourts principal Chris Timmins said it was this dedication that made Mr Marshall one of Whakatane's best real estate agents.
"When I first made director, the hours he puts into it was just awesome and his [former] wife was a great support staff.  They were a successful team.  As a real estate agent, the hours that you put in are outside usual [work] hours, so at the time that everyone is sitting down to put their feet up you are busy working."
Mr Timmins said his star sales agent "used to do quite a bit of diving, so he would just go around giving people crayfish and of course they would remember him when it came to listing their houses."
"It's all about the listing, not selling, and that's what Dave has been good at - getting the listings.  If you haven't got listings then you haven't got anything, and that has become more important in the current market because of the shortage of housing stock."

Beacon Article by Staff reporter Karla Akuhata (Wednesday, 9th November 2016)

Recognition for a job well done!

BRONZE Achievement Award Apr - June 2013 Harcourts Central

GOLD Achievement Award January - March 2013 Harcourts Central

SILVER Achievement Award October - Dec 2012 Harcourts Central

Bryan Thomson, Chief Executive Office, Harcourts New Zealand - August 2005

"When one excels, and continues to excel time and time again, it is always because of an incredible level of commitment to providing clients or customers and with service that is well in excess of expectations. Because there are so few anywhere who consistently achieve at this level, I find it increasingly difficult to find words to express yet another major accomplishment, but certainly gives me enormous pleasure to welcome you to the Harcourts ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY MILLION DOLLAR ($150,000,000.00) CLUB Yes continue to set new standards of achievement, and rather than repeat those same accolades which have been contained in letters of congratulations previously, I would like to take this opportunity to invite you and any client or customer who might require additional information about why they should have a sales consultant working with them who numbers in the rarefied atmosphere of top performers international, to call me at any time. This is most definitely is a recommendation at the highest level for David Marshall to any person contemplating a real estate decision.”

Waikato Times - June 2005  David Marshall - Winner of Provincial Towns Population 10,001 - 20,000 Award

Harcourts Group Ltd, February 2005  National top Twenty Sales Award

Mike Green, Managing Director, Harcourts International Limited – November 2002

“I am writing to commend you on your Harcourts National Top Twenty ranking for October 2002. This is the 26th time you have ranked in the Top 20 since October 1995. It takes extremely high standards and great customer service to attain a top position in an already prestigious group of real estate professionals. Your achievement is indicative of the commitment of excellence that anybody appointing you as his or her agent can except to receive. I know that it is sometimes difficult for many people to know who represents them when they are considering a real estate transaction. Please use this letter as a personal recommendation to anyone talking to you about buying or selling. I also know and appreciate the dedication and focus which is required to become the best of the best – it’s a privilege to have you on the Harcourts team. I wish you continuing success.”

Waikato Times - June 2000  David Marshall received award of excellence for Residential Sales 

Waikato Times - June 1999  David Marshall received award of excellence for Residential Sales

Harcourts BOP Region, August 1995  4th Placing - Top Salesperson

Harcourts Central Region, Oct 2002  2nd Placing - Top Salesperson

Harcourts Central Region, November 2000   6th Placing - Top 20 Sales Consultant Awards