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GET READY to sell for a great price.

GET READY to sell your property for a great price

Presentation always pays dividends. We share here with you our tips on how to enhance your home's attractiveness to generate interest and get the best possible price. Without question our sellers that have put in the extra effort to present their properties to the best standard possible have been rewarded accordingly.

Spring clean inside and out
Washing the house down can do wonders for presentation from the onset. This is also a good opportunity to note any defects in the cladding etc that need your attention. Lawns mowed, neat edges, gardens weeded are all important to show a buyer the home has been loved and cared for by its owner. For inside cleaning, sugar soap is magic for cleaning fly spots off walls and ceilings which really do look unsightly to a buyer. Use it also for cleaning mould off tile grouting, but a note of caution: don't get near your aluminum window frames or brass fittings.  Cleaning windows and framing makes such a difference, especially here at the beach – though we understand this can be a chore with the never-ending salt spray in the air. Kitchens and bathrooms should sparkle – if this is not your thing there’s some great house keeping fairies in the area that will do this job for you. But if you can take some time and sort out the pantry and cupboards it will be a grand start, and it will need to be done if you’re moving anyway.

Clear away the clutter
Potential buyers need to be able to picture themselves in your home – so it’s a good ideal to remove the clutter. This might include removing some furniture to make rooms look bigger and putting away family photographs and personal items. You may even want to get some help with staging to make better use of the space your home offers – we have a talented lady on hand that could help you with this.

Improve Curb Appeal
Sellers often overlook the importance of their homes street appeal. The first thing a buyers seeing when they do a drive-by inspection of your property is its external appearance and the way it fits into the surrounding neighbourhood. Try to make certain that the exterior has a fresh coat of paint, and that the shrubs and lawn are well trimmed. In real estate, appearances mean a lot. What better way to set your home apart than to make it attractive at first glance.

Get your home in “move in” condition
Aesthetics are important, but its also important that appliances and electrical and plumbing fixtures be in compliance with building codes and in working order. Ideally any alterations you’ve done along with fixtures you’ve installed must be compliant and it’s a good idea to have on-hand the code compliance certificate for the work. The idea is to have the home in move in condition to give potential buyers the impression that they will be able to move right in and start enjoying their new home, rather than spending time and money fixing it up.

In summary - have your home look amazing when people view it (online and on inspection).